Power System Studies - SKM Modelling

Protect your plant by designing correct Electrical Installations using our Power System expertise & SKM Modelling.

SKM Power Tools is software used to assist in designing networks and includes load flow, Demand Load, Major Equipment sizing, Short Circuit Calculation (ANSI & IEC), Relay coordination, Device Evaluation, Relay Coordination Study and many more. TDV has a team of engineers who are trained and specializes with Power System Studies. .

Our Offerings
Short Circuit Analysis
  • Complete Analysis as per IEC and IEEE recommendation
  • Device Co-Ordination for Optimum Equipment Design.
Relay Co-Ordination
  • Selection of Relay and Protection Scheme based on IEC & Relay Compatibility.
  • Relay coordination for min ARC flash category.
Load Flow Studies
  • Motor Acceleration & Load Curve Study.
  • Voltage drop calculations & Graphs for DG & Transformer.
  • PF Improvement designs.
ARC Flash Study
  • Study of Zone Identifications, PPE Selections or respective Zones & SOP.
  • Design Recommendations to reduce the categories.
Harmonic Analysis
  • Detailed Report on Harmonic Generation & Report to Nullify.
  • RTPFC Design.
  • Identification of possible areas of failure.